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Dr. David B. Manner PhD PE California Director Dr. Manner is presently a consultant for magnetics and high voltage power supply designs with scientific and medical applications. He served as a senior member of the technical staff at L-3 Communications supporting R&D of wideband microwave receivers. This included radiation tolerant power supply architectures for the […]

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Tributes to Dr. Pry The family’s obituary for Dr. Pry David Womick | Producer/Director The Black Sky Event We the People Radio The Passing of Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, Executive Director of the Task Force on National & Homeland Security It is with deep sadness and much regret that the Task Force on National and […]


Henry NewtonEducation Advisor Henry Newton is a Professional Engineer, with an MBA degree and a strong background in Aerospace (32 years), primarily with Lockheed Martin on the D4 & D5 ICBM (solid fueled missile) & Saturn IV 1st stage (liquid fueled) of the missile. At LMSC I was trained to give tours of all of […]


Preston Schleinkofer Preston retired from 27 years of federal law enforcement (US Border Patrol – class 213 and Immigration and Customs Enforcement) GS-14. I am also retired (SFC/E-7) from the Army National Guard where my last nearly 12 years was in a Nuclear, Chemical Biological (NBC) Defense Company. As the Eastern Regional Director for the […]


David T. Pyne Deputy Director National Operations David Pyne currently serves as Deputy Director of National Operations for the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security, as a Vice President for the Association of the United States Army’s Utah chapter and as a West Valley City Police Honorary Colonel. David previously served as Director […]

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Overview of Historical Facts and Data Arguing over Funding – The U.S. Government’s Past Time: Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, among other countries, all look at EMP differently than many officials in the U.S. government. There is much debate in Washington regarding whether EMP is or is not an imminent threat. There is also […]

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Overview of Bulk Power Distribution System An Already Strained Electric Grid:  The model of “efficiency before safety” has prevailed in many of the utilities industry’s business plans since they are answerable FIRST to their stockholders and not the American people.  Our bulk power distribution system (i.e. “electric grid” or “grid”) is a “just in time” […]


WITHOUT ELECTRICITY, LIFE AS WE KNOW IT WILL END We use electricity for almost every aspect of modern life. In our current state of unpreparedness, it is not a question of if, but WHEN, the grid collapses. When the U.S. grid collapses from a major incidence, there will be no food, water, sewage, gas, gasoline, […]


History of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security The Task Force on National and Homeland Security is an official Congressional Advisory Board, recognized as such by the Ethics Committee under the name “Task Force on National and Homeland Security” and as a Virginia based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the name “EMP Task Force […]

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Our Executive Director Dr. Peter Vincent Pry Dr. Pry has written extensively on matters pertaining to our national security.  A catalog of articles written by Dr. Pry can be accessed here (feature coming soon). Our National Team & Map of Locations Locations and bios of our national team can be accessed here (feature coming soon). Our Vision Statement At […]