Don Davidson
Education Director

Professionally, Don Davidson was an independent educational consultant for schools and districts nationally and internationally with 175 on-site staff development presentations and 77 on-site presentations featuring educational improvement and school safety issues. He is a university faculty supervisor and graduate school facilitator online for another prominent institution, with many successes at those endeavors since 1999, and specialized in leveraging technology and data to improve communication, learning and community outreach.

Davidson has been a school administrator at the elementary, intermediate, middle and high school levels with ten years of supervisory experience including the university level. He has monitored expenditures, admission and compliance, ongoing professional learning, and funds resourcing in those environments. He was the past director of professional development for the Department of Education in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He has a background of association with Colorado Mesa University and its predecessors, having been an aspinall scholar and phi alpha theta national writing champion, adult finite math instructor, former mesa student-athlete, and currently a Montrose campus lecturer.