Daniel Constantine Gregory

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board, Pos-En

Dan_gregoryDaniel Gregory is a dedicated energy industry entrepreneur, technologist and business leader who created Pos-En in Loveland, CO in November 2011. He is passionate about modernizing the United States energy infrastructure and expanding global energy development. Pos-En was founded in 2011 by Daniel and Janice Gregory in Loveland, Colorado.

After starting six companies focused on electric utility solutions and working on disaster relief projects in developing nations, the couple decided to shift their focus onto secure energy infrastructure solutions that are economically sustainable, above all else. Since then, Pos-En has evolved into an energy development company with a modular and cost-effective solution that reduces energy usage and increases reliability. Pos-En delivers resilient energy systems for high reliability applications, such as hospitals, airports, water treatment plants, and data centers where power outage is not an option.