• Jerry_SamanuelsonJERRY EMANUELSON

    For nearly 8 years after receiving my degree in electrical engineering from the University of Colorado, Jerry worked for the Ampex Corporation, the company that invented the video tape recorder.   During most of that time he was a test engineer, developing test procedures and designing test interface equipment for their professional audio products.   He wrote all of the test procedures for the electronic sub-assemblies (as well as the final system test) for the ATR-100, which was the last major innovation in analog audio tape recorders.   He also did some engineering work on the production testing of Ampex professional video recording equipment.

    From August 1978 until January 2008, He worked as a radio and television transmitter engineer, most of that time as Transmitter Supervisor, for the ABC affiliate in Colorado Springs.   He worked atop Cheyenne Mountain, just outside of Colorado Springs.  He has driven to the summit of Cheyenne Mountain more than 4,000 times, and  still  works as an electronics consultant atop that mountain several times a year.  He now have a multi-faceted career operating two separate one-person businesses.   He does science writing and editing for his one-person company called Futurescience, LLC. which is now primarily devoted to distributing advanced information related to preventive medicine and healthy life extension.  He has a very large amount of scientific information on the futurescience.com web site on the subject of Nuclear EMP.