Dr. David B. Manner PhD PE
California Director

Dr. Manner is presently a consultant for magnetics and high voltage power supply designs with scientific and medical applications. He served as a senior member of the technical staff at L-3 Communications supporting R&D of wideband microwave receivers. This included radiation tolerant power supply architectures for the nuclear battlefield. Dr. Manner, having earned degrees in Electrical Engineering, System Science, and Mechanical Engineering disciplines, contributed to detailed electronic designs, packaging/EMI designs, and signal processing. In addition, Dr. Manner was an expert witness for an International Trade Commission litigation involving inkjet printer technology.

Dr. Manner was the Manager of the Gyro Suspension Flight Electronics for Gravity Probe-B at Stanford University, making individual contributions to error analysis, detailed design of ultra-low noise analog electronics and extensive EMI/Shielding.

Dr. Manner is an Invited Editorial Reader for the Int. Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer, and the ASME Journal of Heat Transfer. He is a full member of Sigma Xi and Eta Kappa Nu and holds numerous patents for improved aircraft air pumps, and various power systems concepts.