Henry Newton
Education Advisor

Henry Newton is a Professional Engineer, with an MBA degree and a strong background in Aerospace (32 years), primarily with Lockheed Martin on the D4 & D5 ICBM (solid fueled missile) & Saturn IV 1st stage (liquid fueled) of the missile. At LMSC I was trained to give tours of all of our missile facilities (Congressmen and Navy Weapons Officers). InfraGard member since 2004 & founding President of the New Orleans FBI InfraGard Chapter a 501 C3 Corporation. A 2007 graduate of the FBI Citizen’s Academy.

Henry is a current technical member and one of the founding members of the Louisiana Grid Coalition (LLC) that has over 40 members make the public aware of the dangers of EMP. We have a GitHub address for our EMP Nuclear Simulations – https://github.com/drforbin/EEMP-MODELING, – Currently an advisor to the ‘Joint Based San Antonio’- DEMSO Steering Committee in the area of EMP/GMD.

I was a US Army Military Police Officer, (Provost Marshal or PM) and Facility Security Officer (FSO) for the New Orleans ‘Port of Embarkation’ and I worked in the ‘War Room’ for the invasion of Cuba. I also served as the 99th CID Commander & Commander of the Stockade (prison). Discharged as a Captain in Ordnance. Currently a member of InfraGard’s ‘National Disaster Resilience Council’. (NDRC run by Dr. Mary Lasky) I am considered to be an expert in WMD.

For five years Henry and his brother were the general contractor, developer and syndicator of commercial properties such as apartment complexes in East Texas doing an average of $10 million/yr. in sales and production. Other activities included items such as a 2 year commission from Texas Governor Clements to serve on the ‘Task Force for Small Business”; President of the Lufkin Texas “Home Builders Association”; member San Jose State’s ‘Industrial Technology Department’s Board of Directors; Foothill Jr. College Advisory Committee Board member and I created an “AA degree” in Production Management; and President of a North Florida Computer Club.

I have been an ‘Expert Witness’ in Construction for the City of Kenner and also a pilot for small aircraft (PA-28). In addition to the MBA I have had several post graduate courses in ‘Human Factors Engineering’. As a night-time Henry was an Adjunct Professor at junior colleges for 12 years. Courses taught included Production Management, Manufacturing Research, and Long-Range Planning, Advertising & Marketing, Principles of Management in California, and Micro & Macro Economics and Business Planning. Now retired and enjoying volunteer efforts.