Israel Romero

Israel Romero’s priorities are his faith, family and enhancing human capabilities within the work force.

Israel (also known as Izzy to those who are close to him) launched his career as a sales representative, marketing occupational health and safety equipment to the pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. He learned quickly he had the ability to connect with people, breaking sales records and developing new business opportunities.

Now knowing his ability to connect with people, he asked his father to team with him in the start of a new business, Caribbean Business Group; together, they started this new venture, focused on supplying equipment and services to Federal, State and Municipal Law organizations. While running the Caribbean Business Group, Israel was asked by some of the companies he represented to assist in the startup of three telecommunications companies after President Bill Clinton had signed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, resulting in the breakup of the Bell and AT&T monopolies, making room for new competitors. After successfully launching these companies, he was selected to assist in the business expansion for some of the companies he represented in the Caribbean. Being a natural networker, Israel cultivated strong relationships with the Puerto Rican diplomatic community. His outgoing, gregarious personality encouraged his friends there to assist in opening doors and facilitating meetings in their respective countries, resulting in a professional network that continues to grow.

With the events of 9/11, Israel’s life changed from businessman and part time soldier to full time soldier. In 2003, he mobilized and deployed in support of Iraqi Freedom, Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom. Stationed in the crucially central Washington DC area, he provided the sourcing, preparation, and deployment of over 352,000 soldiers in a timely manner to support the different missions throughout the globe. Israel trained the staffs of General Officers, ensuring they had the proper skill sets to function overseas. Once again recognized for his advanced people skills, Israel was selected to become the Chief for International Affairs for the Americas, meeting with Ambassadors weekly to discuss security cooperation and security assistance matters. Israel has commanded on six occasions, most recently returning from commanding a US lead mission in El Salvador, where he led 3,000 service members composed of the US Army, US Air Force, US Marines, Salvadorian Army and the Peruvian Army. Mission successes included providing medical treatment for over 16,348 citizens of El Salvador, 47 surgeries in 10 days, building four schools and a medical clinic. The record of these successes can be found on google – Colonel Israel Romero and/or “Beyond the Horizons 2018” and on Facebook search for “Beyond the Horizons 2018” and “Joint Training Center Camp Santiago”, which is Israel’s new project.

Israel has an MBA in Acquisitions and is a graduate of the United States Army War College, where the Army sends its top 1% to train to become a General Officer. Israel maintains active communications with his colleagues across the Americas and around the globe.