Reading List

Please take a moment to look over some of the books that are available for reading about EMP. We are please to announce the publishing of EMP Task Force Member Benjamin Dancer’s new book Patriarch Run is now available. Please click on the links to the books or for more information about each one.

New Books

GRID DOWN: Death of a Nation Report, by Jonathan Hollerman
Grid Down: Death of a Nation, is an eye-opening report on the psychology and physiology of Human Desperation, Starvation, and living in a world Without-Rule-of-Law. This report was originally created for the U.S. Air Force Electromagnetic Defense Task Force and is referenced in its 2019 report.
“Grid Down: Death of a Nation” is a resource for emergency planners in the public or private sector who are interested in understanding the societal implications of a long-term grid-down scenario brought on by an EMP attack, a massive CME (solar flare), devastating cyber-attack, or physical attack that could potentially destroy America’s electric grid.

Catastrophe Now: America’s Last Chance to prevent an EMP disaster by Dr. Peter Pry
It has been 15 years since the release of the Congressional EMP Commission’s initial reports, detailing the potential catastrophic consequences of an EMP attack. To date, Congress has done little to harden the electric grid and prepare the Nation for this existential crisis event. Catastrophe Now is the last in the series of EMP books by Dr. Peter Vincent Pry. It illustrates the vulnerabilities, challenges, and solutions to the looming threat that EMP poses to the very survival the United States as a sovereign state. In a race against time and complacency, the clock is ticking. This is America’s last chance to prevent an EMP disaster.

Recommended Reading

Campbell, Hershel and David Stuckenberg, Electromagnetic Pulse and Space Weather and the Strategic Threat to America’s Nuclear Power Stations, Final Report, June 2015. The American Leadership & Policy Foundation.

Gaffney Jr., Frank J, Guilty Knowledge: What the US Government Knows about the Vulnerability of the Electric Grid, But Refuses to Fix. Center for Security Policy, 2014. The executive summaries of eleven Federal Agency studies, including the 2004 and 2008 Congressional EMP Commission Reports, have been compiled into this short (60 pages) reference book.

Maloof, F. Michael, A Nation Forsaken: EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe. Washington D.C.: WND Books, 2013. Besides covering solar GMD and nuclear EMP threats, the author also provides excellent information on non-nuclear EMP and RF weapons threats, which are devices easily made or purchased that can have devastating effects on electronics and transformers but often have limited damage radiuses of 1 kilometer or less.

Pry, Dr. Peter Vincent, The Long Sunday. Nuclear EMP Attack Scenarios. Washington D.C.: The Center for Security Policy Press, 2016.

Lasky, Mary, Powering Through From Fragile Infrastructures to Community Resilience. InfraGard EMP Special Interest Group, 2016.

Hollerman, Jonathan, Survival Theory: A Preparedness Guide. Pennsylvania: APOC Publishing, 2016. Jonathan Hollerman’s book is well researched, honest and uncompromising. This book sheds light on what may be required to survive an extended national blackout and how most individuals, even those who have prepared for disaster, would probably still die in the lawless aftermath. It points to the overwhelming need to: keep our critical infrastructures such as water and wastewater running, so our population could “shelter in place”; restore power as quickly as possible to affected areas; and save the greatest number of lives in any grid-down event.

Benjamin Dancer, Patriarch Run,

William Forstchen, One Minute After, (This is a fictional, but very realistic, account of what the first year would be like after a high altitude nuclear EMP attack set in the author’s hometown of Black Mountain, NC. Its information is based largely upon the 2008 Congressional EMP Commission Report.)

William Forstchen, One Year After, ( A follow-up to his first novel)

Ted Koppel, Lights Out, (This is an excellent study on the cyber threat, by award winning reporter, Ted Koppel.)